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Dancing the line

Updated: Aug 2, 2023


Living the Paradox,

The wholly unorthodox,

Way of the Heart that’s

Completely abstract

The UNceasing vigil

Of ego’s little (ness)

While dancing the Praise

Of Life given to Faith

“Be alert without strain,”

Beloved once said.

So I relax with what pain

I’ve contrived in my head

Whatever the complaint’s

So far down the line

Of contraction itself

That I pay it no mind.

It’s just one more sign

Of the ego at work

I stand back and align

So I don’t go berserk.

My leela this week

Divine ordinary meal

Simonete ain’t meek

And is bringing some zeal.

The body is buzzing.

I feel all the Light.

A thought crosses my mind

All the sudden, it’s tight.

Familiar sensation,

The subtle head ache,

And there’s the temptation

To run for a break.

How quick it all was!

So open, then closed

Nothing happened “outside”

But the light was opposed.

The connection is gone,

And I feel the despair

How I’m caught in contraction

When the light’s surely there!

In that instant, B came

A voice in my mind

“Just notice the game

Of the ego and find

Your way back to the Heart”

And with that I let go

And become empty space

While Simon’s still in flow.

Unburdened and free,

I feel Light cascade in,

And I cannot believe

How simple it’s been!

No effort, no time

Just the will to receive.

A wide open space

Without thought or reprieve.

Anyone watching

Would note nothing amiss

Just two friends at the table

Sharing that, sharing this.


One thing is conversation

And there may be no cessation

In the actual oration or dictation or citation

But the Real Communication

The invisible elation

Most delicious of gustations

That exuberant vibration

The sensation of salvation

Sign of life’s true affirmation

registers as activation

Needing only acceptation

Now THAT communication

Delicate beyond narration

Can be subject to carnation,

Aberration, and deflation

At the hint of accusation,

Aggravation, or negation...


Source Temple’s only Occupation,

Protects Real Communication,

Restores True celebration,

the Heart’s standing ovation,

Sacred beautification

And luxuriation

For All of Creation!


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