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In the past twelve years as a community, we have hosted hundreds of volunteers, students, and visitors who have supported us practically and financially. With our recent move to Mamanguá, our focus has necessarily shifted from hosting to re-building our temple. Contributions will be used for the construction of houses and shared spaces, basic necessities, the installation of renewable energy, improvements in waste treatment, and the expansion of our arts program.

The participants of Source Temple are wholly committed to this context– the gathering and the sacred space it occupies. It is our gift to the world and sharing it brings the greatest joy.

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Become a Patron

If you feel a heart connection to Source Temple, wish to support our work, or enjoy the resources we have been sharing, you can become a monthly financial contributor. As a Source Temple Patron, you actively promote an alternative way of being, by endorsing the existence of a vehicle dedicated wholly to the restoration of the Sacred. 

  • Patron of Source Temple

    Every month
  • Patron of Source Temple

    Every month
  • Patron of Source Temple

    Every month

We invite all our Patrons to join the online meditation we hold on a weekly basis. 

If you would like to donate a different amount, please contact us.

Support one of our projects


Our priority is for all community members to have adequate housing, and thus we are continuing to focus on construction. Since acquiring the land in October 2021, we have built 9 cabins and 6 communal spaces: a meditation hall, a shared kitchen, two shared bathrooms, an outdoor gazebo, a laundry area and a carpentry workshop. Our current focus is to finish the 3 remaining cabins by the end of this year (2023). 

Estimated budget: R$60.000 (12.000)



Music is a pillar of the Source Temple culture. It is our means to co-create and express our love and gratitude for all that we receive. In addition to performing for visitors and neighbors, we would like to share our music beyond the physical space of Mamanguá. A, well equipped music studio would allow us the technological means to extend our reach.. 

We would like to create a studio to record, rehearse, and perform our music, in addition to safely store musical instruments and audio and filming equipment.

Estimated budget: 

R$30.000 (€6.000) Construction

R$25.000 (€5.000) Instruments + recording material



Our dedication to the common purpose of awakening entails the active use of the body as an altar to the Divine and thus a commitment to holistic healing and natural medicine. Casa de la Medicina is a place to grow and prepare natural medicines as well as provide therapies and retreats.  

Our intention is to share our holistic approach to medicine with neighbors, visitors and anyone reaching out for healing. 

Estimated budget:

R$40.000 (€8.000)

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Thank you for supporting us

Donate from Brazil

You can send a pix or bank transfer directly to our Source Temple account.

  PIX (CNPJ): 18952445000137


Agência: 0001

Conta: 3081735-1

CNPJ: 18.952.445/0001.37

Instituição: 403 - Cora SCD

Tax Deductible donations to Source Temple are made possible by the Foundation for Intentional Community, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. If you are from the US and would like to make a tax deductible donation, please get in touch.

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