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Source Temple

The Visionary

At the center of the Sacred Cooperative Community is the Visionary, who has become, by Grace, the incarnation of the Vision Itself. That One is Gifted with the Vision of the Greater Plan for the restoration of the human family to its rightful place within the Divine Order. The Visionary understands that the success of the Sacred Cooperative Community was guaranteed in the Instant of Perfect Time in which the Vision was given him. Therefore, That One’s Faith is ABSOLUTE; and his relationship with each participant is therefore an act of perfect trust. He sees in each the full potential for the fulfilment of their Divine Destiny. Within the sphere of his influence, the community thus becomes a safe place for each and all to progress towards and ultimately Realize their own Inherent Perfection.

I Am Intimately (Inseparably) Involved with the Total Event of This World.


Shadow hand

I have taken your bait
Felt your hook pierce my taut lip
And though I tried to spit it out
The effect was immediate.
Penetrating crossing the threshold of my resistance.
Infusing the cells with radiance.
I imagined myself to be free of you
Darting toward the familiar
The reef's protection
The scraps it offers
(I was certain I was saved)
Even determination can be easily painted on
And you
In your infinite patience
Knowing already that I was yours
Kept loose the drag
Waiting for me to tire
Reeling me in all the while.
Ready the net Lord
I can see your blue boat's bottom ...

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