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Get inspired by nature, the harmony of the place as well as the contact of relationships and learnings

Life as Art program

We know that Art is a channel to connect and express, to bring beauty and real joy to us all.  We are blessed to have this in our lives here and invite more Art and Artists to join in.  

Our Life as Art program is the perfect experience for you if…

Your creative juice is stuck where you are right now and you need space, time and opportunity, to express that creativity.  You’ve run out of excuses why you’ve not written that book, finished that piece of art, allowed that music to be played, turned your ideas into something more than a daydream; you need to be somewhere you can finally make it happen.

How you can participate in our Life as Art program

Come and allow your creative energy to be released.  We provide the living space, tranquillity and respect for your creativity to flow. Be it writing, music, painting, sculpture, fabric work, dance, whatever form yours takes.

Start a dialogue with us about what you need to oil your creativity.  We can provide a living and resting space for you, daily nourishment and the safe, high vibration atmosphere we have cultivated here.  You bring yourself and let source do the rest.

Space to practice your art is also made available and we welcome hosting workshops, exhibitions and opportunities for you to perform.

Programs can include karma yoga if you would like that practice too.  You can also choose to participate in other activities if that helps with your creative process.

Artist Residency 

Immerse yourself totally in your Art.  Accommodation, food and facilities to practice provided.  Two week stay for R$2.500, one month stay for R$3.500.

Complete the form below with details of your Art project.

Life as Art Workshops 

Participate in painting workshops, recreating furniture from recycled materials, digital art, photography, music.

Check our upcoming Workshops & Events here

Life as Art Karma Yoga Learning Program

Participate in Art Projects; share your talents, learn new skills and techniques in a Karma Yoga context, whilst absorbing the Source Temple Sanctuary way of living, with food, accommodation and some activities.  

Minimum stay one week.  Apply via our Karma Yoga page.    

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