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Adi Da Samraj

I  am like the sunlight in the morning. I intensify the light of morning until you awaken. Until the light awakens a person, even the Light of Consciousness Itself, the person continues to dream, tries to survive within the dream, manipulates himself or herself within the dream, pursues all kinds of goals, searches, none of which Awaken the person. All ordinary means only console a person and distract him or her within the dream. I Myself, the One Who would Awaken you, am not a person, not an individual within the dream. I Am your Very Consciousness. I Am the Real, the Light, the True Waking State, the Heart -- Breaking Through the force of dreaming. It is not that you are some poor person who needs some other poor person to help you out. It may appear to be so within the dream, but essentially it is your own Ultimate Self-Nature Appearing within the dream to Awaken you. I Am your Awakening, and your always already Conscious State.

Excerpt from The Ancient Walk-About Way - Avatar Adi Da Samraj 


Let us surrender into Infinity with all our friends and hold on to no thing or condition that ever appears. Let us forget all things in present Happiness, and so forgive the universe for all its playful changes. Let us always love one another, and so forgive one another for appearing, for changing, and for passing out of present sight. So be it. Death is a perfect insult.  

Excerpt from The Enlightenment of the Whole Body - Avatar Adi Da Samraj

Mantras for Adi Da Samraj

For those who would embrace a life based on heart-breaking Freedom --
I am here.

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