Source Temple Sanctuary

A safe place for the willed transcendence of the body and world

No individual should live as the superior, or the inferior, or even the equal, of all others. Rather each should live as the intimate server of others through love. The true politics of human relationships is the politics of servants everywhere – every one serving, and every one served.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj


Source Temple Sanctuary is a bright gathering of those who have let go of the limitations of the common paths of the world and are practicing an alternative. It is a context leading to the excellence that comes only from the certainty of Reality Itself as our only Source and it manifests in the form of true relationships based on that certainty.


Through a consistent demonstration of “Cooperation + Tolerance = Peace” we go beyond the self imposed limitations of our minds to re-establish a bright model of society where each and everyone’s way of being is a whole expression of their undeniable greatness.


Persisting as Love is at the core of our demonstration. It involves a willingness to realise that which is Always Already The Case while consistently practicing the values of self-transcending service, cooperation and personal responsibility.

Our Teacher

“While I understood that this practice of “teaching and learning” was setting the stage for the inevitable descent of Grace, I became increasingly anxious for a tangible, that is, wholly physical, encounter with Truth.” – Our Teacher Josh

Our Philosophy

Dedication in the world must first be directed toward others (in the form of Selfless Service), until identification with the Quality which informs (suffuses) the world at its genesis (which is Now) is wholly realized and actively demonstrated. This Quality is Love.

A Course In Miracles (ACIM)

Source Temple Sanctuary uses the “mind-training” of “A Course in Miracles” as both preparation for the Descent of Grace and as a vehicle of transmission and integration of the universal message of liberation which is Love. Our model of living is based on selfless service and forgiveness, as our practice stems from the simplicity of the message of Christ Consciousness: Love God above all else and your neighbor as yourself. Jesus and (for us) his manifest representative on Earth, “The Master Teacher of A Course in Miracles”, have gracefully provided us with a concentrated context in which to rapidly mature in the practice of this training and safely integrate it into our work as Ministers of God. ​

World Teacher Adi Da Samraj


Our Context and Guide for personal discipline and growth is World Teacher Adi Da Samraj. The scope of the discipline established by Adi Da is absolutely universal. No area of human ego-ic possibility is left un-considered, and thus and thereby, transcended. No question, elevated or practical, remains unanswered within the Context of Adi Da’s encompassing body of artistic and literary Transmissions. On These, we rely entirely.