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"When your time is up and your return to heaven is inevitable, let is be true in you and it will be true" - Master Teacher of ACIM

Once you enter in contact with Source Temple Sanctuary’s sphere of influence you begin to notice that such a field of awareness is the result of a shared disposition in each and every participant of the gathering. This disposition is one of true receptivity and surrender to that which is the Source of all Life and which, when truly welcomed, informs the world with only Blessing Power and Love. Once this receptive disposition is made perfect, the individual is overwhelmed with a profound desire to heal, to confront and to bless as well as to create only the Beautiful and share it with all beings.

Such a disposition is inherently present in each and all, waiting to be acknowledged, brought into focus, and nurtured. The mind of every individual must become sensitive to that which enhances this disposition and tend to it with complete attention, energy, and feeling. This requires a sensitivity that can only be acquired through understanding and discernment. Offering the means to reach such a mature and disciplined state of mind is the function of the Student Program.

Translating this natural disposition of openness to a program that can be grasped by any individual means simply studying the Word of Truth and applying the understanding given by it moment-to-moment to all circumstances. Relationship to one another, selfless service, devotional practices, and disciplines that support this disposition are also offered as a supportive environment to allow it to become universally inclusive.

There are infinite ways to associate with the field of awareness generated by this shared disposition at Source Temple. The Student Program is the choice of one that not only wants to enjoy the effects of this shared disposition but also has received the call to join the efforts to restore it in all beings.

If you are listening to The Universal Call to restore humanity to its rightful place in the Divine Order of Life, this program will surely help you to answer it.

Participating in The Student Program

We ask for a minimum commitment of two weeks for The Student Program, but we recommend forty days and up to three months. 

To begin a relationship with us and know more about the practical aspects of our Student Program, please send us a message (using the form below) to schedule a Skype call. We would be happy to look more deeply at your process.

The financial contribution to join The Student Program is as follows:

  • Two weeks: R$ 2,500.00
  • Forty days: R$ 4,000.00
  • Three months: R$ 3,500.00 per month

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