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Relax program

With real love and higher inspiration, we have created a place where you can feel truly safe, rest and be yourself, in beauty and harmony. A Bed & Breakfast Retreat Center in which to relax, reset and reconnect.

Mother nature has blessed us with space to simply be here; the wonder and beauty of the orchard house, the mesmerising lakes, healing, endless, cleansing, fresh water from the hills, the flight of a hummingbird, the orchestra of birdsong, the scent of roses, the shade and comforting knowingness found under the trees, bathing you in their wisdom and grounding you by their strength.

Our Relax program is the perfect experience for you if…

You need to find some space to recover, rejuvenate, connect with something real; to re-center.

Sometimes we find ourselves battered and weary from the storms in our lives; tired, lost, angry, frustrated, in pain.  That’s when we need to allow ourselves to be cared for, nurtured, re-booted!

How can you participate in our Relax program

Give yourself what you need and deserve.  Come and stay in one of our beautiful rooms or chalets, lovingly built and prepared for your sanctuary.  Allow yourself to be cared for, nurtured by energising food, calmed by this safe space.  Treat your body and mind to a variety of treatments [insert link to treatments page], take part in activities, wander in mother nature’s playground.

Bed & Breakfast Stays 

Come to re-center and indulge in treatments and activities that call to you.  Lunches and dinners also available. 

Treatments include holy breath, sound healing, active mediation, silent mediation, Thai massage [INSERT HAPPY HOLIDAY LIST].  

Activities available include healthy cooking classes, yoga, rebirthing, meditation, karma yoga, rebirthing. 

Relax Personal Retreats 

You know when it’s time to relax.  Source Temple Sanctuary is here for you, open to receive you, exactly as you are, for exactly what you need.  Chose from one of the retreats below or talk to us about a bespoke Relax retreat especially for you.

  • Relax weekend retreat
  • Detox weekend retreat
  • Silent weekend retreat 
  • Rejuvenating week retreat 


Our Accommodation

Each Residence is unique, reflecting the particular characteristics of the resident/artist. Resident/builders follow the guiding principle of Life as Art (the goal of which is to Communicate Love) in all Ashram construction. Accommodations range from a cozy room in our Student Residence or Guest House to a comfortable cabin in a eucalyptus grove, to a more whimsical and unconventional lakefront cottage. Click on the accommodations galeries below to have a closer look at each. 

The minimum stay in all our accommodation is of 2 nights. The prices per night are the same for all accommodation as follows : R$ 300 / 1p – R$ 350 / 2p – R$ 450 / 3p

Open Hand Bungalow

Recently completed, Open Hand is a more conventional residence made primarily of brick and mortar. It has a small kitchenette, full bath with dry toilet, and a deck with a magnificent valley view facing the sunrise.

The Forest House Chalet

Located in a grove of old-growth eucalyptus, Forest House offers a setting of the classic “cabin in the woods”. It has a full bath and kitchen with full view of the surrounding forest. In front is a gentle brook, adding the tranquil sound of gently running water to the already serene setting.

Land’s End Cottage

Land’s End is an all brick construction located at the foot of one of the surrounding mountains. A small brook passes in front, and the view out back is nothing but rolling hills and open sky, a true retreat.

Taj Mahal Cottage

Built in the shape of a Hexagon, Taj Mahal is situated in the center of the valley. It has a full kitchen and bath.

Hawaï Cottage

Hawaii rests on a rise above the river which meanders through Source Temple Sanctuary. There is a soft sand beach between the house and river ideally suited for barbecue and beach volleyball. The river has a gentle current and soft sand bottom perfect for bathing.

The Light House Cottage

Built by the residents primarily with re-cycled material, The Light House is located on a rise above one of the Sanctuary’s lakes and is accessed by a covered bridge. It has a full (though compact) kitchen, fireplace, deck, full bath with dry-toilet.

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