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O amor também quer depositar um banquete diante de ti, com uma mesa coberta por uma toalha sem mancha, posta em um jardim tranqüilo, onde som nenhum jamais é ouvido, exceto o cantar e um sussurrar suave e alegre. Esse é um banquete que honra o teu relacionamento santo, no qual todas as pessoas são bem-vindas como hóspedes de honra. E num instante santo todos dão graças em conjunto, na medida em que se unem em gentileza diante da mesa da comunhão. E lá eu me unirei a ti, conforme prometi há muito tempo e ainda prometo. Pois em teu novo relacionamento eu sou bem-vindo. E onde eu sou bem-vindo, Lá Estou.

 Um Curso em Milagres

Image Art by Adi Da Samraj

Imagem  Arte  Adi Da Samraj

Visitantes da Blue House

Hoje vamos embora com a alma renovada, sentiremos saudades dos momentos lindos que vivemos aqui. Lugar mágico de conexão com a natureza e com nós mesmos. Estar aqui é viver o presente, sem o anseio do futuro e nenhuma preocupação com o passado. Apenas aproveitar cada minuto. Agradecemos a toda comunidade que nos recebeu tão bem, com tanto carinho. Energia sem igual. Gratidão. Janaina, Rafael, Rafaela e Maitê - 13/10/2022

Queridos e Queridas, A metereológica não atrapalhou esses dias surpreendentes, prazerosos, good vibes, suaves… A chuva choveu, o sol visitou, e os corações se moeram na boa energia dos encontros! Quero voltar! Beijos e obrigada, Fernanda Medeiros - 23/12/2022

Muito obrigada por nos receberem nesse lugar - TÃO - especial e dividirem um pouco a vida. Muito bom conhecer um pouco mais de cada um e de todos! Dalia, muito obrigada pela casa também. Saímos daqui com o coração cheio, com certeza. Beijos, Nina e Maria Flor - 24/12/2022

Dias incríveis, com pessoas inspiradoras, em um lugar maravilhoso. Obrigada pela estadia e hospitalidade. Julia e Rodrigo - 03/01/2023

Dear community, We feel grateful and blessed to have this opportunity to get to know this beautiful and magical place with such good people. We’re gonna miss a lot the good food and the nice moments together. Keep yourself strong and healthy! We hope to see you next year. Fica com Deus! Muito obrigada! Com amor, Raquel e Dario - 09/01/2023

Amigos queridos!! Quero agradecer de coração a cada um de vocês, por nos receber com tanto amor e carinho. Passamos dias maravilhosos aqui.. em paz.. e foi uma experiência incrível e inspiradora… com essa paisagem de mar em mata… podendo ver o sol pela manha… o anoitecer… os banhos de mar… tudo, tudo muito especial. Obrigada amigos, que deus abençoe a cada um de vocês, todos os dias. Com carinho, Mara, Bira, Rafael, Janaina, Rafinha e Maite - 21/02/2023

Being reunited with my daughter Hanneke, or Alice, and with all residents was so loving and heartwarming. The sea, the beach, the sun, the joy, the peace, the love, the care, the delicious food and the heavenly pizzas, the live music, the silence, the connectedness, the service, the wonderful self-constructed houses, the allowance to be yourself, made my stay an incredible, unforgettable trip, again. I feel enormous gratitude until the innermost core of my heart! Ria - 24/03/2023


This is an amazing set, made of beautiful hearted people, mountain landscape and well cared spaces. It was a pleasure to help in the simple tasks of the daily routine of the community. It's literally a sanctuary, where one feels safe, welcomed, seen and cared. A great place for self-development, healing, to slow down and to come in contact with nature and one's higherself. The best experience so far in my trip in Brasil, and I would definitely recommended it and even come back. Thank you family!! :) Madalena - 29/02/2020

It's the creation of something new in the world! An oasis of love in the middle of the chaos... There is a lot of respect to the nature and careful not to harm it in all the constructions, the agriculture and every simple act, but there is also a strong focus on the spirituality. Of course, on thing cannot work well without the other... I asked many times how could things work so harmoniously and, of course, the outer is a reflection of the people's inner state. So, in my opinion, it can be a model for many places that want to do something similar in many aspects. Besides that, it's also a great experience for the volunteers, who can meet many wise and funny people, enjoy meditation practices and feel free to be alone in the amazing nature whenever they want. So, I recommend it mostly for people that are engaged in any spiritual practice. It was a great learning for me in many aspects and I will go back one day. Thank you!!! Marco - 01/10/2019

I came here upside down...... and I left inside out. I'm so grateful that these beautiful people open their doors and allow others to share in the healing force field they've created. It's truly something special. I will FOREVER cherish my time there, as they gave me so many wonderful gifts that I'll take with me throughout my life: a different way to see the world, and a different way to experience it. To stop thinking and start feeling. To be at peace in the present moment. I love love love you all and I hope to see you again soon. Save me some farofa. :) Taylor - 09/04/2019

This is a really, special, amazing and unique place! It is difficult describe the experience I have had during my 4 weeks volunteering at the Temple, where I stayed an extra 2 weeks because I enjoyed it so much. This community is built on people. Relationships between people and love shared between all. You can feel the huge amount of love and respect, honesty and a general peaceful, calm vibe here all of the time. The approach to life is something I have never experienced before, but it feels closer to how life should be in comparison to the world a lot of us find ourselves living in. There is time we give to service - usually 4/5 hours a day. In my first two weeks, I was doing everything from kitchen (helping to prepare lunch for 35-40 people!), gardening, cleaning and carpentry. In the second two weeks I was solely in Carpentry because I felt so good there and was learning so much, the guys were happy to arrange that for me. There is morning yoga everyday at 7 if you want it, and sometimes in the afternoons, or callisthenics. If you do not have service in the afternoon, there are local mountain walks, and treks to a couple of waterfalls that are truly beautiful. There are also other sessions that relate to the spiritual teachings these guys follow (a course in miracles and the guru Adi Da), which are really interesting to attend and speak about some really important issues in life. I think it is beneficial to have an open mind when coming here, to everything from practical matters to spirituality. The life is simple, both physically and mentally, which allows for deep introspection and learning throughout your stay. I have made some friends for life in this place. It was an amazing experience and I will be returning one day in the future, I am sure. Thanks for making it so amazing Marie and Woody, also to Pablo/Peter/Glinda/Emily/Luna/Sebas/Prudence and just everyone!!! Tom - 08/04/2019

Para nosotros este lugar nos marco un antes y un después en nuestro viaje. Aprendimos a vivir el servicio como un don de la vida, como un regalo para sanar nuestro cuerpo y espíritu. A través del yoga, de meditaciones, de ceremonias, cada día se transformaba en agradecimiento y apertura del corazón. Pasamos dos semanas que parecieron dos años Allí el tiempo se frena, eso que tanto nos maquina día a día en la rutina, deja simplemente de existir. Cada amanecer nos regala un SI a vivir. Cada atardecer nos brinda la posibilidad de agradecer que estamos vivos. La Pachamama se hace presente y camina a tu lado regalandonos montañas, lluvia, estrellas, sol y luna. Y es que se va descubriendo que en este mundo no estamos solos, que abrir el corazón a un Otrohermano nos hace bailar de alegría, nos permite SENTIRnos. Gracias por tanto amor, nos vemos a la vuelta!!!!! Maria Ana & Lisandro - 17/03/2019

Staying here was the highlight of my journey through Brazil - I loved it!! I felt super welcomed from the beginning. The place is very beautiful and peaceful. I came as a volunteer and then entered the transcendence Programme, staying five weeks in total. As I know how to sew my task was to repair clothes of the residence and make pillows for the volunteer room, which was a very cool project. All in all through the Yoga every morning, the loving and accepting environment, the calmness, the good food, the pure air, the contact with nature, the beautiful people and all the activities like meditations, readings it was a very healing experience for me. I feel like I learned a lot. I left in deep gratitude, knowing that I will come back one day :-) Thank you to everyone! I love you :-) Verina - 09/03/2019

My favorite Workaway experience until now. The ashram is a beautiful place in the countryside of Cunha, full of wonderful persons. I worked most of the time in the garden as I demanded and I couldn't be happier with their agroforestry project! I was working with Trinity there, who is an incredible person who teached me a lot about sustainable gardening. The volunteers live in a beautiful house and share a really nice living room + kitchen with food. Whatever you need or feel you can talk to them very honestly, they are truely attentives to your needs and demands. I recommend this place a hundred percent, even more. They need your help and if you love to work for the good functioning of a community, you will love this place. I couldn't thank you enough for everything, love you all guys. Carla - 22/01/2019

This is to us the hardest experience to try to put into words. We tried many times to write this text, but it seemed impossible to describe living here without making it lesser than it really was. But then we thought "what comes to our mind when we think about this place?", and the first thing that came to us was LOVE. We learned, lived and felt Love in a deepest way. There we found that one can love in many ways and all of them are equally LOVE, because there's no living better or more or less. There's just pure love. We loved ourselves, we loved each other, we loved people we'd just met. In there we were able to open the doors to love, without reasons, without rules. We also learned about Service, and how it can be a channel to love in action. We learned daily, from the tasks we had from monday to friday, and off-work, just being a helping hand to whenever it was needed. We learned to see Service as a way to show grattitude, of honoring and celebrating to the other and to ourselves, letting go of ego to let love and grattitude flow. We were here for 30 days but is seemed like years, or just a blink of an eye. We worked a lot in tasks like cleaning common areas, gardening and cooking. We woke up at 5h30 and had meditation and yoga from 6 to 8. On saturdays we were invited to participate on the mantras chantings, that would take us to a deep state of peace and connection with the holly. We received many gifts and miracles from life, we had learnings and developments we needed, we met brothers and sisters of soul, we were gifted with mothers who cared for us, we deepened our spiritual and personal researches. Juliana & Douglas - 19/01/2019

I thoroughly enjoyed my stay at the Temple! The community welcomed me with open arms, open hearts and an incredible amount of generosity. I've never been surrounded by so much love in my entire life and I am glad I allowed myself to receive and return the love. I was lucky enough to spend Christmas and my birthday at the Temple, surrounded by the wonderful residents and volunteers, and I honestly couldn't have wished for a better way to celebrate these two special events - the community members always treated us volunteers like one of them, like family. The work that I did (primarily) in the gardens and in the kitchen was always enjoyable and a great way to connect with the residents. Oh and have I mentioned how beautiful the Temple grounds and surrounding areas are? There are several waterfalls to explore, a wonderfully refreshing lake and beautiful hills - the perfect place to search for inner peace. Thanks to the volunteering team for making my stay so special and memorable - it's all for the love! Jasmin - 04/01/2019

This is a beautiful experiment in humanity. I experienced a surprising amount of spiritual growth during the two short weeks I spent with this community. The volunteer program is well-integrated into the everyday living of long-term residents and students, and the work that I did in the kitchen and in the gardens was fulfilling and joyful thanks to company. Thank you to everyone at the temple for welcoming us with open arms

First of all, we want to thank everyone for such a beautiful experience! The way we were welcomed was very special to us. We spent 2 weeks helping and learning. I was very happy to be at service mostly in the kitchen with the beautiful and adorable Glinda. The work was so good that the hours passed very fast. By the way, there are 4h of service in the morning + 1h in the afternoon on weekdays. The space is super beautiful, the guesthouse is lovely and confortable and there is even a nice river (small waterfalls) on the property. It was a necessary stop on this self discovery and self creation journey. We are very grateful for everything! Many kisses, love and light to all of you! Kamilla & Mattias - 19/12/2018

Agradeço muito a oportunidade de fazer voluntariado num lugar como esse. Tantas práticas que me trouxeram tantos aprendizados, todo o trabalho que também me ensinou muito sobre agricultura. Sou muito grata pelas pessoas que ali conheci e amizades que fiz para minha vida. Se busca sobre espiritualidade, yoga, meditação e todas essas curas naturais, esse lugar é perfeito para ir. Sempre com muita entrega e mente aberta. Katherina - 11/12/2018

Words cannot explain how much I miss the Ashram! I spent magical days there. I would never forget!!! Beautiful people, breathtaking landscape, and the job was really, really fun. I cooked for the whole Ashram with Glinda, a beautiful soul which is in charge of the kitchen of the Ashram. So much peace and tranquility. Above everything, was an internal and external trip. Healing and reconnecting. Eternally Grateful guys. Thank you so, so much. Thaís & Franco - 16/11/2018

Unforgettable 10 days! we want to share and let know the people that our time at the Ashram was full of positivity. The relationship with everyone who lives there was fantastic, and we could breath the calm, purity and love which they breath. The place is magic, full of love and amazing nature. Waterfalls and mountains surrounding, with an espectacular landscape. We were doing many different things there and learned although about agroforesta. We are very happy to have experienced such a nice, different and interesting adventure in our travel. Thanks a lot for giving us the chance to come and help at your wonderful place Mikel & Katrin - 12/11/2018

From my perspective the place is a dream, magical since the moment I got to its front door. The daily life is generous, chilled, and I felt that everything could be talked (and they encourage that). People living there is very diverse. Volunteers were diverse too, and they live and manage the volunteers program in such a way that helps everyone to find its place. With the days going on I started to develop my connections with the residents, and from there I could give and receive even more. Being there helped me to go deep on my self-awareness practice. I learned about that both from theory and by experience. I felt comfortable to the point of not knowing if I would physically leave, and to the point of energetically visit them frequently, since as Peter told me, "the place is more a state of mind than a spot in the map". Rodrigo - 07/10/2018

well, where to start. arriving late night in this ashram, my first ashram ever, i didn’t really know what to expect. talking to peter, i asked him what to expect, i was wondering: „is this place is like a scouts camp for adults?“ he said: „well, much more, but you could say it like this!“ from the first moment, i was sourrounded by lovely people. i lived in an amazing environment of nature, so close with the other volunteers, people who i never met before, we called family after two days. massage sessions, jams and delicious meals, brought us so close together. i mainly did my service on woodworking and building furniture, for different projects and houses. for me it is important, that the people trust me and my abilities, this trust was there given from the first day and still carries me, 600 km away. overwhelming is the love and graditude, with which these people live every second of their lifes. i would state, it’s impossible to have a bad stay there. beside the amazing food, the fantastic workshops and the super close look into their lifestyle, we had some groovy dance partys, loads of starry nights and a few trips to sourroundig places like: Cunha, Paraty, beaches and the pedra de marcela, a high mountain and viewpoint. this place has given me some trust in humanity and stuffed me full with new ideas and creativity. a written „thank you“ would never be enough, that’s why i send you my graditude, might all of you be well forever! i hope so much, that i might have the chance to come back and live there again. with lots of light and love pauli - 02/10/2018

Source Temple is a sacred place. One of these few that physically exist and give room to what really is, this instant moment of life that connects us to the sacred and the heart. Here we are, the visitor, next to each and every one of you, fully present to Life as it flows in our veins, yours and every inch of the world that surrounds us.

A Temple it really is, a Sanctuary of what is the most intimate movement of Life inside us, Love. Love is here and everywhere, whole and respected, purified and simple. You make that happen and revealed to us. Thank you.

Source Temple is a natural beauty. Nature is abundant and delicate, magnified by human attention and work. So green, so silent, so calm. So peaceful! Animals are vivid and respected, with the trees, birds, flowers, water, everywhere. Nature restores all around, my head in the waters of the source, my feet solid on the rock, I heard my heart laugh, happy, joyful, rejuvenated, so happy!

I feel that one can come here at any moment in their life. We are welcomed - soooo welcomed!! -  just as we are, where we are, with opened hearts and benevolent minds. And the mind wonders: how can this be? You make that happen and real to us.
Thank you.

I have found a bit of every place I have loved in my life, in Source Temple. There is Taizé, my home, my favourite reading spot under a tree, my childhood’s best memory, my family, my loved ones, it is all there for whom seeks, cries, laughs, wonders, moves or stands still.

To the visitor: come and see, come and share, come and experience. Everyone is welcomed, come and be touched by either the Source or the Temple, both, there is something to be experienced and found by each and every one of us. Just as we are, and where we are.
For the ones going back home with this new gift: let’s spread the word, Source Temple is here, it exists and needs our help and support. It will forever have mine.

Anne-Claire (Visitante)

I had the most amazing week here. The accommodation is comfortable; the people are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G (both the residents and the volunteers). The work you do is truly appreciated. I could work on the kitchen (lovely!), painting, organizing and cleaning. I’ve also taken work to do from the “real life” and it was manageable. Food is delicious, prepared with so much love, natural fresh ingredients from the garden! Pure life. All the environment is so (sooooo) beautiful. To watch the moon rising on the mountains is something I will never forget. Also to watch the bees on the small flowers every day. There is beauty everywhere. I was super blessed to spend my birthday there, having meditation, mantras, special lunch, dance party and a sky fulfilled with stars, as of my heart was (is still) fulfilled with Love. I thank every minute, person, creature, moment of this wonderful experience: Breathing in love, letting go of everything that is not love. Looking forward to coming back. With Love, Bela - 03/10/2018

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