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"When your time is up and your return to heaven is inevitable, let is be true in you and it will be true" - Master Teacher of ACIM

Transcendence program

 All of Humanity is Awakening to It´s Divine Heritage, and a New Way of Being is blossoming in and through each individual. The Transcendence program mission is to give the one and all a safe place to nurture and enhance this (inevitable) possibility.

The work of this program consists of the ACTIVE transcendence of perceived “differences”. In practice, this manifests as an ever-increasing awareness of Intimacy or Relationship with each and everything, a deepening awareness of “Self” AS “Other”, and ultimately (in the fullness of time) a Direct Perception of the Unity of All Creation.

The overall “climate” of Source Temple Sanctuary IS (itself) a provision for a consistent participation in the active and Life-affirming discipline of separate-self-transcendence. It is an inclusive context, ranging from each and every encounter with another, to a flexible and accommodating schedule of classes, and other more set-apart Sacred Encounters.

Our Transcendence program is the perfect experience for you if…

You feel the impulse to actively participate in the Awakening of Humankind in a safe and effective context. Our way of living, practice of love and forgiveness, relationships and demonstration might be the context you are looking for.

The model of living at Source Temple Sanctuary is founded upon Active (and separate-self Transcending) Service to others. This Alternative pattern has matured over time (through consistent practice in ordinary life circumstances with each other and with one and all) and has been proven successful in bringing about a transformation in the participants in the project, to the point of together becoming a clear demonstration of a way of being that shares a singular purpose (love of God, selfless service in all circumstances and forgiveness) that translates into a peaceful, harmonious, disciplined and effective way of relating with each other and with the world.

How you can participate in our Transcendence program

We ask for a minimum commitment of two weeks for the Transcendence Program, but we recommend forty days and up to three months.  The financial contribution is as follows:
Two weeks: R$ 2,500.00
Forty days: R$ 4,000.00
Three months: R$ 3,500.00 per month

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