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Immerse yourself in a true selfless service experience while learning new skills and enjoying a wonderful place

Karma Yoga program

 Karma yoga is the practice of selfless service, dedicating yourself to serve others. When you take away thoughts of yourself and attachment to the result and your ‘pay’ for performing the task, your real reward is given you; your spiritual path opens up.

Carrying out a task where the focus is on being present in each moment, unconcerned about your own and others’ judgments of you and the task you have performed, using the task to express your love; in this you are blessed by naturally occurring healing.

Our Karma Yoga program is the perfect experience for you if…

You are feeling drawn to serve, to actively express love, to put your heart and soul into a task and feel genuine appreciation.

You relish community living; building relationships with people searching for and practicing a different way of living. You have a feeling there is another way to be and you want to learn this by witnessing it, immersing yourself in it and practicing self-less service.

How you can participate to our Karma Yoga program

 We offer various programs in which you can practice karma yoga. The exact task depends on the needs that arise but we always find that the task you are given each day provides you with exactly what you need at that time.  Karma yoga here at Source Temple includes tending to the vegetable garden, painting, cleaning, food preparation, cooking, harvesting vegetables, carpentry, tending to our other gardens and outside areas, building, homecare and maintenance.

Young Adults Karma Yoga 

If you are 35 or younger, we offer two week karma yoga programs with no financial cost.  If you wish to stay on after two weeks, there are options available for a token financial investment.

If you are 36 or over, check out our other Karma Yoga Programs.

Karma Yoga Retreats

Participate in Karma Yoga in a Retreat context. 

These Retreats include accommodation, food and participation in some Source Temple Sanctuary activities.  Financial investment: R$280 per week.  Minimum one week stay.

Karma Yoga Learning Program

Participate in Karma Yoga, learning specific skills such as Agroforestry and Arts.  

Minimum stay of one week.  Cost per week R$560.  Includes accommodation, food and some Source Temple Sanctuary activities.  Additional fees may apply for Art projects.  

Skills-based Karma Yoga Program

If you have a specific skill that we particularly need, you can participate in a Karma Yoga Program of a minimum of one month, with no financial investment necessary.  Food, accommodation and some Source Temple Sanctuary activities included.  

We are currently in need of:-

  • a professional videographer
  • Agroforestry professionals
  • Information, communication technology professionals

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