Join our Agroforestry program

Learn about and practice the principles of Agrofrestry in our beautiful community garden

Agroforestry program

A practical application and living embodiment of the perfect formula:- tolerance + cooperation = peace.  We live and breathe this in the context of an abundant vegetable, fruit and herb garden that nourishes us on every level.

Our Agroforestry program is the perfect experience for you if…

You love to be in physical contact with mother nature’s bounty, you want to practise selfless giving in this environment, you want to learn and be inspired by syntropic agroforestry, or maybe you just love vegetables and getting your hands dirty.

How you can participate in our Agroforestry program

Take part in workshops on Syntropic Agroforestry or a Karma Yoga program with an Agroforestry focus.

Agroforestry Karma Yoga Learning Program

Full immersion in the principles, philosophy and practice of Syntropic Agroforestry in the Jardin da Aurora with our dedicated and passionate green-fingered experts, whilst living the joy of Source Temple Sanctuary and our way of life.  

Minimum stay two nights.  Apply via our Karma Yoga Page

Agroforestry Workshops 

Brazilian and International Agroforestry professionals share their knowledge, passion, experience and joy of Agroforestry in dedicated Workshops in Jardin da Aurora.  Come and learn, be inspired, practice and grow whilst soaking up the Source Temple Sanctuary living experience. 

See the upcoming workshops we are cultivating here

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