Source Temple Sanctuary

Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists. Herein lies the Peace of God. - ACIM

Source Temple Sanctuary is a non-denominational Communication Center. Our sole purpose is to bring Unity to the minds of those who believe in a reality apart from the One Underlying Reality which is Pervasive and All-encompassing. We are open to all principles of Atonement, whatever their source. We bring people together, we bring minds together, we establish connections using whatever symbols are brought to us. We use any and all symbols to demonstrate that Mind is One; that Consciousness is Singular, and Always Already Wholly Integrated. We stay “above the battle ground” which appears on the world’s stage; before differences, opinions, and points of view. Our practice and our demonstration is Absolute Reliance upon THAT which inherently transcends such deceptions and artificial super-impositions: Reality as It always already IS.

The model of living at Source Temple Sanctuary is founded upon Active (and separate-self Transcending) Service to others. This Alternative pattern has matured over time (through consistent practice in ordinary life circumstances with each other and with one and all) and has been proven successful in bringing about a transformation in the participants in the project, to the point of together becoming a clear demonstration of a way of being that shares a singular purpose (love of God, selfless service in all circumstances and forgiveness) that translates into a peaceful, harmonious, disciplined and effective way of relating with each other and with the world.

We are, physically, located in the countryside of Cunha, Sao Paulo State, Brazil. To find us (in consciousness, and thereby in form) requires a consistent and absolute gesture of submission. We are not located in time, but rather in a transitional location vibrating just above the frequency associated with body identity.

We will therefore be invisible except to those who are sincerely ready to rise above the world and fall freely into the Heart of God…

A Course In Miracles (ACIM)

Source Temple Sanctuary uses the “mind-training” of “A Course in Miracles” as both preparation for the Descent of Grace and as a vehicle of transmission and integration of the universal message of liberation which is Love. Our model of living is based on selfless service and forgiveness, as our practice stems from the simplicity of the message of Christ Consciousness: Love God above all else and your neighbor as yourself. Jesus and (for us) his manifest representative on Earth, “The Master Teacher of A Course in Miracles”, have gracefully provided us with a concentrated context in which to rapidly mature in the practice of this training and safely integrate it into our work as Ministers of God. ​

World Teacher Adi Da Samraj

Our Context and Guide for personal discipline and growth is World Teacher Adi Da Samraj. The scope of the discipline established by Adi Da is absolutely universal. No area of human ego-ic possibility is left un-considered, and thus and thereby, transcended. No question, elevated or practical, remains unanswered within the Context of Adi Da’s encompassing body of artistic and literary Transmissions. On These, we rely entirely.

All temples are really summations or descriptions of the total cosmos. They are empowered as the summary of the cosmos, as a perfect bridge to the Divine. The Divine is perfectly apparent in Holy Places, therefore, and may be contacted directly there through right kinds of association. ​

Avatar Adi Da Samraj

Join the Source Temple Sanctuary experience

For people who have already turned to Source and accept the gift of true awakening.  Practice this in true relationship at the Temple. 

Spend time and headspace away from your regular life to fully immerse yourself in self-care, with likeminded people, with a true and meaningful intention to commit to Reality.  



Karma yoga is the practice of selfless service, dedicating yourself to serve others. When you take away thoughts of yourself and attachment to the result and your ‘pay’ for performing the task, your real reward is given you; your spiritual path opens up.

With real love and higher inspiration, we have created a place where you can feel truly safe, rest and be yourself, in beauty and harmony. 

We know that Art is a channel to connect and express, to bring beauty, real joy and true healing to us all.  We are blessed to have this in our lives here and invite more Art and Artists to join in.  

A practical application and living embodiment of the perfect formula:- Cooperation + Tolerance = Peace.  We live and breathe this in the context of an abundant vegetable, fruit and herb garden that nourishes us on every level.


Amazing experience. Beautiful mountains, lakes, waterfalls. etc. Great for relaxing, stargazing
It’s difficult to put it on words, sorry. I had a good time with the other volunteers and with the residents. 
One of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been… remarkable!


Karma Yoga guest

Wow! What an unforgettable experience we had during our week spent at the temple. We wish we could have stayed longer at this magical place. The people, the place, the feeling you get as soon as enter has left a long lasting imprint in our minds.

Harriet & Terry

Karma Yoga guests

Pure nature. Pure people. Here, you feel to BE the ONE. 
There you will FEEL GOD. There you will feel your soul – 
tThere you will feed your soul with prayer, meditation & local delicious fresh products. 


Karma Yoga guest