Source Temple Sanctuary

A safe place for the willed transcendence of the body and world

Source Temple Sanctuary is a safe place for the willed transcendence of the body and world. It is a gathering of Souls (a Soul being a Sovereign Son or an Effect of the First or Primary Cause which can be called God) intending to demonstrate individually and collectively that in Reality, all things are possible.

The only true collective is a Soul collective, because only Souls can (are in a position to) acknowledge a single Context or Source. A Temple is a dedication (an action in consciousness), and therefore may or may not be associated with a location in space. Dedication necessarily involves relationship (one must be dedicated to something), and in this sense, Source Temple is a shared (mutual) dedication to The Common Source. In our common allegiance to our Source lies our Real Relationship to one another, and together, with God.

Dedication in the world must first be directed toward others (in the form of Selfless Service), until identification with the Quality which informs (suffuses) the world at its genesis (which is Now) is wholly realized and actively demonstrated. This Quality is Love.

Source Temple Sanctuary is an active demonstration of the Effect of a shared dedication to Source culminating in a Loving sphere of influence which is palpable, substantial and capable of drawing other Sovereign Sons into a state of awareness which is utterly unified and perfectly peaceful.

Source Temple Sanctuary is a context for the maturation of self-recognition until complete identification with the Sovereign Son is realized, at which stage the Soul is Free to elect It’s own place in the Cosmic scheme.

Source Temple Sanctuary Programs

The Student Program offers each participant the opportunity to intensify his or her commitment to separate-self transcending practice in the context of Source Temple Sanctuary’s flow of Communication (Grace). 

The Retreat Program hosts group retreats and offers therapeutic services with experienced practitioners of a variety of healing arts. These retreats are designed to provide a safe and nurturing context for participants to open their hearts and minds to Grace.



Our Karma Yoga Program consists of international volunteers who dedicate themselves to our community through service. It is an opportunity to learn about the art of giving and receiving while participating in our model of living.

Experience the tranquil, loving and life-affirming setting of community life while staying in one of our unique accommodations. We offer a relaxing holiday, including nourishing breakfasts, a taste of our daily activities and optional therapy sessions.

We know that Art is a channel to connect and express, to bring beauty, real joy and true healing to us all.  We are blessed to have this in our lives here and invite more Art and Artists to join in.  


A practical application and living embodiment of the principles of the teaching of Avatar Adi Da Samraj “Cooperation + Tolerance = Peace”. Our goal is that every space of our garden becomes a demonstration of Syntropic Agroflorestry, where every species takes part, fulfilling a function (EVERYBODY-ALL-AT-ONCE).

Upcoming events at Source Temple Sanctuary